Omnia 4036 Modern Lever Mortise Lockset with Backplates

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All lever entry sets provide a lever outside and a lever inside with matching rose or backplate. If the outside trim is a lever with plate, the inside trim will match. If the outside trim is a lever with rose, the inside trim will be a lever with rose. The same is true for sets employing knobs.
Must specify handing when ordering.
Specify 2-1/2 in. or 2-3/4 in. backset when ordering.
2-1/2 in. backsets require 3-7/8 in. minimum stile. 2-3/4 in. backsets require 4-1/2 in. minimum stile.
For 1-3/4 in. thick doors as standard. For doors over 1-3?4 in. thick, please specify door thickness when ordering. For doors 2 in. thick or more please inquire.
Case: Heavy wrought steel with zinc dichromate finish for corrosion resistance. (2-1/2 BS) 3-5/8 in. x 6-1/6 in. x 15/16 in. (2-3/4 BS) 3-15/16 in. x 6-1/6 in. x 15/16 in.
Front: Adjustable armored steel front with 8 in. x 1-1/4 in. solid brass faceplate for all lock bodies. Finished to match trim.
Latchbolt: Two-piece anti-friction design made from solid brass. Both lock bodies with 1 in. x 5/8 in. x 3/4 in. full throw.
Deadbolt: (2-1/2 BS) 1-3/16 in. x 9/16 in. x 1 in. full throw solid brass with sawproof insert. (2-3/4 BS) 1-1/8 in. x 1/2 in. x 1 in. full throw stainless steel.
High carbon steel springs.
Strike: Solid brass curved lip strike. 4-7/8 in. x 1-1/4 in. x lip 1-1/4 in. to center. Finished to match trim. Dust box supplied as standard. Extended lip strikes available.
Cylinder: Solid brass from bar stock. Made in USA. Schlage C keyway supplied as a standard, with two OMNIA nickel silver keys.
Safety Standards: 2-1/2 in. and 2-3/4 in backsets UL Listed 3 Hour (R13846). Grade 1 certified to ANSI/BHMA A156.13.2005 standard.
Lever sets are supplied with extra heavy duty mortise lock especially designed for lever handles.
Standard Entry (A) ANSI F08: Latchbolt operates by knob or lever from either side except when outside trim is locked by stop button; then opens by key outside, by knob or lever inside. Deadbolt activated by key outside and by turnpiece inside.
Double Cylinder Entry (AC): Latchbolt operates by knob or lever from either side except when outside trim is locked by stopbutton; then opens by key outside, by knob or lever inside. Deadbolt activated only by key from either side.
Storeroom (EW) ANSI F07: Latchbolt operates by knob or lever inside and by key outside. The outside knob or lever is rigid. Auxiliary latchbolt deadlocks latchbolt.
Panic-Proof Entry (F) ANSI F12: Latchbolt operates by knob or lever from either side except when outside trim is locked by stop button. Deadbolt activated by key outside and turnpiece inside. Turning of inside knob or lever will retract both deadbolt and latchbolt. at the same time.
Classroom (J) ANSI F05: Latchbolt operates by knob or lever either side except when outside knob or lever is locked or unlocked by key in the cylinder. Auxiliary latchbolt deadlocks latchbolt.
Privacy (L) ANSI F02: Latchbolt operates by knob or lever either side. Deadbolt by turnpiece inside and emergency key outside. Turning of inside knob or lever will retract both deadbolt and latchbolt at the same time.
Passage (N) ANSI F01: Latchbolt operates by knob or lever either side.
Each set consists of 2 door knobs (or 2 lever handles), rosettes or plates, 2-1 ?2 in. or 2-3 ?4 in. backset mortise lock, cylinder, lock faceplate, strike, spindle, dust box, all necessary mounting screws, instructions and template.
Commercial Installations: Please specify when ordering locksets for commercial use. Dummy applications are not recommended for commercial use.
Dummy Pair (PD): Two single dummies. Surface mounted.
Single Dummy (SD): Non-functional trim. Surface mounted.
Lever: 4-1/2 in. length
Projection: 2-1/2 in.
Backplate: 8-1/4 in. x 2 in. 1/4 in.
All OMNIA lever locksets meet ADA accessibility requirements.
Solid Brass Trim

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash your hands after installing for uninstalling this product. For more information, go to

The following part numbers are available by selecting the options above.

4036A00L14, 4036A00R14, 4036A00L15, 4036A00R15, 4036A00L26, 4036A00R26, 4036A00L26D, 4036A00R26D, 4036A00L3, 4036A00R3, 4036A0025L14, 4036A0025R14, 4036A0025L15, 4036A0025R15, 4036A0025L26, 4036A0025R26, 4036A0025L26D, 4036A0025R26D, 4036A0025L3, 4036A0025R3, 4036AC00L14, 4036AC00R14, 4036AC00L15, 4036AC00R15, 4036AC00L26, 4036AC00R26, 4036AC00L26D, 4036AC00R26D, 4036AC00L3, 4036AC00R3, 4036AC0025L14, 4036AC0025R14, 4036AC0025L15, 4036AC0025R15, 4036AC0025L26, 4036AC0025R26, 4036AC0025L26D, 4036AC0025R26D, 4036AC0025L3, 4036AC0025R3, 4036EW00L14, 4036EW00R14, 4036EW00L15, 4036EW00R15, 4036EW00L26, 4036EW00R26, 4036EW00L26D, 4036EW00R26D, 4036EW00L3, 4036EW00R3, 4036EW0025L14, 4036EW0025R14, 4036EW0025L15, 4036EW0025R15, 4036EW0025L26, 4036EW0025R26, 4036EW0025L26D, 4036EW0025R26D, 4036EW0025L3, 4036EW0025R3, 4036F00L14, 4036F00R14, 4036F00L15, 4036F00R15, 4036F00L26, 4036F00R26, 4036F00L26D, 4036F00R26D, 4036F00L3, 4036F00R3, 4036F0025L14, 4036F0025R14, 4036F0025L15, 4036F0025R15, 4036F0025L26, 4036F0025R26, 4036F0025L26D, 4036F0025R26D, 4036F0025L3, 4036F0025R3, 4036J00L14, 4036J00R14, 4036J00L15, 4036J00R15, 4036J00L26, 4036J00R26, 4036J00L26D, 4036J00R26D, 4036J00L3, 4036J00R3, 4036J0025L14, 4036J0025R14, 4036J0025L15, 4036J0025R15, 4036J0025L26, 4036J0025R26, 4036J0025L26D, 4036J0025R26D, 4036J0025L3, 4036J0025R3, 4036L00L14, 4036L00R14, 4036L00L15, 4036L00R15, 4036L00L26, 4036L00R26, 4036L00L26D, 4036L00R26D, 4036L00L3, 4036L00R3, 4036L0025L14, 4036L0025R14, 4036L0025L15, 4036L0025R15, 4036L0025L26, 4036L0025R26, 4036L0025L26D, 4036L0025R26D, 4036L0025L3, 4036L0025R3, 4036N00L14, 4036N00R14, 4036N00L15, 4036N00R15, 4036N00L26, 4036N00R26, 4036N00L26D, 4036N00R26D, 4036N00L3, 4036N00R3, 4036N0025L14, 4036N0025R14, 4036N0025L15, 4036N0025R15, 4036N0025L26, 4036N0025R26, 4036N0025L26D, 4036N0025R26D, 4036N0025L3, 4036N0025R3, 4036PD002514, 4036PD002515, 4036PD002526, 4036PD002526D, 4036PD00253, 4036SD0014, 4036SD0015, 4036SD0026, 4036SD0026D, 4036SD003

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